Tis The Season…

The summer season is over and that can mean only one thing, it’s Football Season! Whether you’re a parent, player or an armchair quarterback like yours truly, there’s no denying the anticipation and excitement that comes when this time of year rolls around.

American Girl Scottsdale Quarter Store Grand Opening Party

American Girl celebrated their new store with opportunities for girls to shop, enjoy a meal at the Bistro, give their doll a new “do” at the Hair Salon and create a shirt at the “Creativi-Tees” Boutique.

Genesis Luxury Group’s Ribbon Cutting Event and Grand Opening

The Group welcomed Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, Phoenix Suns, Mayor Jim Lane, and Chef John, among many others, at their festive event. There was great food, great friends and a great time had by all.

In Pursuit Of Excellence

For high school football players, there’s really nothing else like those Friday night lights. The nervous excitement that comes before every game; the electrifying feeling as their cleats hit the moist green grass; the rush they get running down the field as eager fans cheer them on and the heart-stopping thrill when the announcer calls touchdown! —these are the moments…

October 2015 Around Town

Ken Olson, president of Northern Trust Bank, Scottsdale and Roger Brooks, former chairman and chief operating officer of AmerUs, were unanimously appointed to serve on the Board of the organization, beginning with the 2015-2016 season.

Autumn Ales

It’s official: autumn has arrived. The temperatures are finally dropping; football and Halloween plans are in full swing, and all around town a variety of breweries are launching their fall beers and other seasonal beverages. To celebrate this beautiful time of year, let’s take a look at some of these fall brews and what they can be paired with.

Two Thumbs Up

Marking their third year of serving award-winning brisket sandwiches and barbecued pulled pork, The Thumb, formerly called Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market, has carved out another niche, serving some of the finest breakfasts in town.

Tailgating 101

 (Serves 8)  Ingredients:  2 pounds of ground beef

Behind-The-Scenes Brews

Growing up in San Francisco, John Alvarado fell in love with craft beer at an early age. However, after moving to Arizona and starting a family, for a number of years the closest he ever came to craft beer was what he could find on a grocery store shelf.

Phoenix American Youth Football

If the football industry decided to change its tactics by hiring players, cheerleaders, videographers and reporters who were children between the ages of 5 to 15, the National Football League might also end up with a new name: Phoenix American Youth Football (PHX AYF). I may be exaggerating a tad; however, PHX AYF is a great microcosm of the real…

Our Remarkable Brewing Community

Not long after taking a job with a brewery in Southern Colorado, we received a phone call from a sister brew pub in Illinois. Their community had recently suffered a tragedy with the death of a young firefighter who had lost his life in the line of duty. A group of his comrades and friends were organizing a 1,123-mile motorcycle…