Move on the Daley

Megan Daley, of Move on the Daley has an important goal when meeting a new client; to empower and inspire, to get stronger, stay active, and stay out of the doctor’s office.

Toy Barn—The Perfect Place for Big Holiday Gifts

It's the holiday season, and while purchasing those large ticket items you've been dreaming of all year sounds appealing, where is the best place to house everything from a luxury car to a high-end boat? 

The Evolution of Luci’s Urban Concepts

Lucia and Ken Schnitzer are the founders of Luci's Urban Concepts, a group of healthy eating restaurants in the Phoenix area. Each with its own look and feel, Luci's at the Grove, Luci's at the Orchard and Luci's Healthy Marketplace have an eclectic ambiance focused on the community they are a part of.  

Ice, Ice Baby

Hot temps, bright sun, air conditioning—summer in Arizona brings many things that can irritate your face and cause it to be sensitive, blotchy and irritated.

Boulder Boats

Founded in 2004 by Stuart and Kristina Litjens, Boulder Boats combines the couple's passion for watersports and a goal of creating a family-friendly environment with quality products.

Simple and Sophisticated Style for the Fashion-Forward Man

 Article Staci Hauk | Photography Erica + Jon Photography  Fashion does not have to be complicated. Department stores can overwhelm, with too many trendy pieces that are often out of a comfortable realm for the everyday man. John Hornacek, owner of Scottsdale Men's Shoppe, points out that when a man chooses pieces for his wardrobe, simple style can go a…

Artificial Grass Masters Offers Quality and a Lasting Relationship with Customers

 Article Staci Hauk  From two guys and a pickup truck to a thriving business, Artificial Grass Masters is six years into its success in the industry because it views customer service just a little differently.  "We offer 24-hour support and have dedicated staff that communicates with customers so everyone is on the same page. We make sure that no one…

Scottsdale Jeweler Breaks the Mold

 Article Staci Hauk | Photography Aly Kirk Photo  Centrally located in Scottsdale is a jeweler who has taken quality to a new level for more than 35 years.  

Lasting Color

Few things can help to freshen up a look like a coat of paint. For those looking for something that looks good and lasts, however, not all paints are created equal. Whether it is a cabinet, a wall, an accent room or even the entire house, Benjamin Moore is sure to have the perfect solution for any painting project.

Arizona Barn Doors

For 20 years, Chandler resident Kevin Davis worked in commercial glass. One day, while working on a bathroom project, a client asked Davis to build her a "barn door." Not knowing what creating a barn door entailed, he told the client that he would look into it. Intrigued, Davis went home to work up barn door sketches. He presented these…

Wrapped and Ready to Go

When Steve Cortez began Cortez Visual in 1997, it was a simple graphic design firm that he operated from his home, which specialized in designing company logos, business cards and brochures. “I had done a few vehicle wraps, but back then it was completely different,” Steve explains. “I used to have to go and physically draw a vehicle and then…

Pulse of Life

With so many fitness centers in the Valley, finding the one that will help you meet your specific goals can be a real challenge. Many centers provide minimal guidance with little follow-up, so over time, your enthusiasm and commitment to work out decreases and your goals get pushed aside.

Scottsdale RV

Summertime means summer vacation, and for many people the best way to relax and unwind is to venture into the great outdoors. For those who like to bring along some of the comforts of home while camping in style, Scottsdale RV has been there to help for the past 10 years.

Men of Style

Dad may not always be one to say it out loud, but sometimes he just wants to be pampered a bit. Fortunately for him, and for men all across North Scottsdale, 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon has opened its doors and is ready to redefine the old barbershop experience.

Scottsdale Orthodontic Care

In his 25-year career as an orthodontist, Dr. Daniel Grob, D.D.S., M.S., has done more than simply provide top-quality care to his many patients. Grob, who opened Scottsdale Orthodontic Care two years ago after selling his successful orthodontic practice of over two decades in Tucson, is also devoted to changing the way people think about going to the orthodontist. “I…


This southwest baking tale begins two years ago, when Jessica Rose Boutwell and her mother, Joyce Boutwell, were asked to make a cake for a friend’s bridal shower at El Chorro. During the bridal shower, El Chorro’s event sales manager, Lindsey Rendon, sampled the cake and was so impressed that she invited the two women down for a meeting to…

American Valet

When Phoenix native Mike Pendergraft began working as a valet at local Valley restaurants in high school, he never thought that four decades later he would still be in the business. However, after finding early success and eventually climbing into a management position, he had a hunch that this was an industry he could make an impact on for years…

Celebrations in Paper

After years of helping other people get their own businesses up and going, Rene Showalter knew the time was right to start focusing on something of her own. She had plenty of experience in the interior design industry, but as she looked at the prospect of going into business for herself, she also knew that she wanted to do something…

Interior Motives

Lauren Rautbord did not just choose to be a leader in the design world. She was raised for it from the very beginning. “My mother was always one of Chicago's most stylish and elegant women,” says Rautbord, co-founder of Paul Lauren Design Consultants. “From the time I was a little girl, I noticed all the little things she did to…

Behind-The-Scenes Brews

Growing up in San Francisco, John Alvarado fell in love with craft beer at an early age. However, after moving to Arizona and starting a family, for a number of years the closest he ever came to craft beer was what he could find on a grocery store shelf.

Any Critter Sitter

After eight years spent in the pharmaceutical industry, Melanie Eich knew she wanted something a bit more satisfying out of her career. She had always loved animals, and realized that if she could shift her professional focus towards them, that she was bound to find that sense of satisfaction she felt was missing. With her strong sales background, she refocused…

Carefree Coverings

After getting out of the Army, Gary Pelow was a trained engineer with a passion for photography, and never would have envisioned getting into the window covering business, not to mention finding himself living in Arizona. But after starting and running a successful interior design company in Las Vegas for a few years, an opportunity presented itself in the Valley…

Puppy Belly Deli

Shortly after graduating with a music degree from ASU, Shelly O’Donin found herself living in New York City. There she decided to  pursue another passion--a passion for food--and enrolled in the French Culinary Institute. She knew she wanted to work in a kitchen, but not one under the control of a tyrannical chef with an ego the size of a classic French cookbook.…

French’s Meat Shoppe

The German sausage kitchens of Central Minnesota are certainly a long way from the Valley of the Sun, but after years of cutting meat in shops in and around the Twin Cities area, Dick Liddy had a hunch nearly 40 years ago that the skills he had honed, coupled with a strong Midwestern work ethic, could translate to success in…

Classic Cakes and Confections

For the better part of the last decade, Classic Cakes and Confections has not just been making amazing cakes for events for all over the Arizona and beyond. They have been setting the standard.