Avery Lane Uses Consignment to Raise Funds for Charity

While there are many successful ways to raise money for charity, there is often little effort made to look outside the box for fresh concepts that could yield tremendous results.  

Armani Makeup Artist Tim Quinn Shares Trends and How He Spends His Days

Tim Quinn is a celebrity makeup artist for Giorgio Armani who boasts an impressive portfolio of clientele including actresses Hillary Swank, Kerry Washington and Diane Lane. Tim's words of wisdom have graced the pages of W, Elle, Glamour and Cosmopolitan, and he brought his expertise to the Biltmore Fashion Park recently to teach local women how simple it can be to take everyday…

Unstoppable Dynamo

In February 2019, Renee Parsons, president of PXG Apparel Worldwide, co-founder of The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation and an executive at YAM Worldwide, headed to Korea. She was on a mission: create an exceptional line of golf apparel for PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf), the innovative, performance-focused, much-celebrated global golf equipment company established by her husband, Bob Parsons. During her trip,…

Actor Sean Dillingham Discusses Success with Arizona Roots

Perseverance is key in achieving success under the lights of Hollywood. As actor Sean Dillingham explains, Hollywood is less of a place and more of a state of mind actors strive for. For him, he loves when Hollywood calls him but finds comforts in his roots here in Arizona, where he lives full-time with his family.

Golfer Scott Pinckney Achieves Maximum Results with the Right Training

A lifelong golfer, Scott Pinckney picked up the sport of golf at the age of 8 with his career taking off as a pro in Europe soon after graduation from Arizona State University. In 2012, Scott came home to the US and received conditional status on the PGA tour, taking second at state in 2013 and obtaining full web status…

Aly Kirkpatrick

And then he said the four scariest words, “Yeah, but what if?”

Troon North Golf Club

For the past year, staff at Troon North Golf Club have dreamt up ways to make an already award-winning golf experience better for their guests. Many improvements have come to fruition, while other projects will begin as the temperatures rise.

A Lifestyle of Fitness

Kim LaJoye-Redus, owner of Anytime Fitness, started her career selling prosthesis to people who needed total joint replacements. For 15 years, she found it to be very rewarding, but something was missing. So she went back to school and got her master's in kinesiology. Her motivation was to own her own business where she could help and connect with people…

Carefree Smile

Though patients surely have noticed that Carefree Smile in Cave Creek is under new ownership, Dr. Sam Swainhart wants everyone to know that little else has changed. Longtime local dentist Dr. Peter Finocchiaro announced his retirement last summer, and in hopes of continuing the legacy of exceptional cosmetic and general dentistry at Carefree Smile that has been over two decades…

Concierge Medicine: A New Approach to Healthcare

The inefficiencies of the current state of our health care system are well known, and as general practices and physicians have had to take on an increasing number of patients in an effort just to meet their budgetary needs, it is the quality of interaction with their patients that has been sacrificed. In an effort to return that focus back…

Horses & Horsepower

Like a refreshing gust of wind, a certain change comes over North Scottsdale each fall for just one day. Like clockwork, the Sixth Annual Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships will return once again to West World of Scottsdale on November 5, 2016, promising an extravaganza brimming with the best of sports, entertainment, fashion and culture.

Reel Works

Parents are constantly looking for creative and artistic outlets for their children. From painting and drawing to theater, dance and music, the hope is always to ignite a passion and discover an outlet that will help pave a path toward a lifetime of continued learning, discovery and satisfaction. As an actor moving to Arizona from Los Angeles eleven years ago,…

House Call

I started working for a corporate veterinary clinic right after graduating from veterinary school. While I can say that corporate medicine wasn’t my cup of tea, I did learn a lot in those first two years working solo.