Childhood Cancer Awareness

Some problems, like childhood cancer, can seem too big or too overwhelming to solve. However, researchers are working hard every day to find better treatments and cures for kids fighting cancer—and they’re making progress. Your support helps fund these researchers so their work can keep moving forward. No matter what you can contribute, a little does a lot.

Scottsdale Ballet Company

It’s official! Scottsdale now has its very own professional performing ballet company! This brand-new nonprofit organization has been founded by Maggie Rupp, a professional ballerina who wants to shake up any preconceived notions about ballet being stuffy or sleepy. Maggie has new and exciting ideas to make the ballet as accessible and fun as possible for the audience! We’re talking oldies music, local collaborations with artists and musicians, and even dinner theater entertainment. Did we mention beer, too? SCB’s goal is to have an inaugural show in the fall of 2019-20. SCB has big plans but needs its community’s help to reach these goals! If you’re looking to donate or underwrite a performance, visit or send SCB an email at

Joseph Benesh Named Director of AZ Citizens for the Arts

Joseph Benesh, who has been engaged with a variety of arts and cultural institutions for nearly 20 years including as director of Phoenix Center for the Arts since 2011, has been named executive director of Arizona Citizens for the Arts (AzCA), the nonprofit statewide arts advocacy organization.

“We are thrilled that Joseph has agreed to build upon the foundation that Rusty helped shape and advance since being named executive director in 2011,” said AzCA Board President Michael Seiden. “His commitment to arts and culture in Arizona is undeniable and is clearly defined by the success he has experienced at Phoenix Center for the Arts.”


Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List

The World Heritage Committee has officially inscribed The 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, which includes eight major works spanning 50 years of Wright’s career, on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are more than 1,000 World Heritage Sites around the world, and the group of Wright sites is now among only 24 sites in the U.S. The collection represents the first modern architecture designation in the country on the prestigious list. Wright is widely considered to be the greatest American architect of the 20th century, and the sites in the group inscription span his influential career. Scottsdale houses Taliesin West, Wright’s former summer home as well as the site for architectural education.