It was through a shared passion for vintage goods and owning a business that Shelley Adelson and Sophia Kobs, the owners of Piece and Story Vintage Goods, opened their Scottsdale store, a haven for unique, quality vintage finds.

When I was younger, I would hunt for treasures at flea markets, so my passion for vintage finds started at an early age. I met Sophia, and she shared that same passion. Over the years, we began dreaming together of having our own storefront,” Shelley says.

“Our mutual love of hunting for antiques and vintage pieces to add interest to our own homes led to this venture. It didn’t take long for us to know we wanted to share this with others,” Sophia says.

Each item in the store is hand-picked by its owners. They need to love a product and feel it will enhance a home in order to sell it. Being a small business allows the women to get to know the style of their customers and understand what they need to search for when stocking their location.

“Chances are it will look different every time you step inside Piece and Story. We never know what items we will discover on our buying trips. We can go with thoughts of what we would like to find but then get excited about something that we haven’t seen before,” Sophia says. “Also, if a customer is looking for a vintage piece similar to the kinds of things we have in the shop, we may be able to secure it through the many sellers we have met during our travels.”

“We are very hands-on and love sharing the stories behind pieces that our customers choose,” Shelley says.

 “We always talk about the ‘pieces’ and how every piece tells a story. When we were naming the store, we wanted people to know that it is more about finding a piece to put in your home; it’s sharing a piece of history. We also love the stories from the people we meet while we are hunting and shopping for the store. The name just fit.” –Shelley Adelson