From day one, Kaleidoscope Juice’s mission has been to nourish every person who comes through their doors with organic cold-pressed juice; high-vibe foods; and an uplifting experience geared toward living happy, purpose-filled lives. 

Kaleidoscope cares about the health and well-being of its customers, and a colorful array of juice options await—each with purpose and packed with nutritional punch.

Whether it be love for each other, love for ourselves or love for our bodies, this is one restaurant that understands the value of treating others and treating ourselves right, from the inside out. Kaleidoscope offers the highest quality products and is passionate about helping improve life and community through its products.

Kaleidoscope Juice knows that Scottsdale understands quality, which is why the company’s cold-pressed juices and foods are completely organic and non-GMO. The “K-Scope” team is knowledgeable, full of recommendations and passionate about the products.

Popular this time of year is the Flu Shot Smoothie. This combination of roots and fruits is an immune-boosting powerhouse that is both preventative and healing. As the name so cleverly suggests, this hydrating refresher is the go-to when under the weather. With ingredients such as turmeric for its anti-inflammatory markers, acerola cherry with its vitamin-packed profile and oil of oregano for its antibacterial antiviral properties, this nutrient-dense shake is sweet and savory, with a little kick of spice.

The Flu Shot Smoothie

Price: 16 ounces, $8.25





Acerola cherry 

Kaleidoscope cold-pressed Flu Shot juice

Coconut water

Hemp seeds