Happy 2019, North Scottsdale! For me, the new year signifies a fresh chance to meet goals, try different things and connect with even more members of the community. It is an opportunity for growth and change, and with that comes a healthier mindset.

January’s issue is focused on fitness and healthy lifestyle because what better time to get excited for a new routine than the start of the year?

Dining out is a common challenge when beginning a new, healthful journey. However, we will provide you with ideal options for not only eating and drinking right when you are out and about but also show you colorful and flavorful options that will keep you on track and have you wanting to make these North Scottsdale hotspots regulars on your list.

Working out can be intimidating if it is new. When we step outside our comfort zone, stress can set in. One local high-performance facility proves that not only can a new routine be exciting and motivating, but it can also set you up for achieving bigger goals than you ever imagined in the new year. Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned athlete, the opportunities are endless when you find a comfortable environment with hands-on training and an array of fitness options. In keeping with that spirit, the right fitness attire can also be a factor in optimizing your workout routine. A new-to-market line of affordable high-performance activewear can keep you cool while looking stylish.

The last piece of the puzzle when setting healthy lifestyle goals for 2019 is preparing nutritious and balanced meals at home. Getting to know diverse food options and simplifying your meals to include whole foods and high-quality ingredients is key. A local food enthusiast and blogger provides tips on achieving your food prep goals in the new year and gets you started on the right track with dishes that are full of everything you need to lose weight, increase your protein intake or even avoid common allergens.

And where would we be without our financial health? The peace of mind that comes with financial security and freedom is unsurpassed in making us feel stable in the new year. We asked a seasoned financial adviser to walk us through the best ways to set up a financial plan in 2019 and get the satisfaction of long-term positive effects on our financial bottom line.   

We hope this issue helps you take the first step in your goals and leaves you alight with ideas on how to achieve them. Stay healthy, North Scottsdale!