Self-taught Artist Creates Glass Masterpieces

Newt Grover of Newt Glass has large-scale blown glass masterpieces displayed all over town and the country. They are best described as vibrant, contemporary, original and intricate. Inspired by exhibits of Dale Chihuly’s work, Newt decided late into his career of making neon signs and jewelry to switch gears and teach himself the art of blown glass.

“I was 40, and I am completely self-taught. I have always been artistic, but seeing Chihuly is what led me to this newfound passion, and it has been a wonderful 20-year ride,” Newt says.

Newt was born and raised in Scottsdale and often uses his surroundings to create stunning pieces—from sculptures to chandeliers to wall displays—as well as pulling from a client’s imagination.

“My niche is working with designers or clients to create pieces that will fit into their environment and produce a particular feel. I’m conscious of creating a mood,” he says. “I am often involved in the home construction process with a client and have visions along the way as to what will work in the space.”

Newt Glass Gallery is housed in the Scottsdale Airpark, and Newt has fashioned many one-of-a-kind pieces that would breathe new life into any area of a home.