Holiday Traditions 5

Sharing Some of North Scottsdale’s Best Holiday Memories

Traditions connect us with family and history as nothing else can. One whiff of my mom’s sweet potato dish mixed with cinnamon and apples then topped with roasted marshmallows induces years of memories and jokes about it being the dessert we pretend is a side dish. But my new traditions are treasured as well. My husband’s family cooks a turkey in a pit the men dig together in the backyard and Thanksgiving includes piñatas and homemade tortillas. May you spend time with your family this holiday season, enjoy the comfort of old traditions and the joy of starting a few of your own.

Teri Richardson | Desert Bronze

The VanderMeersch-Richardsons favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve PJ night. Everyone gets new pajamas and dons their gift that evening. Some change earlier than others. Opening a present on Christmas Eve is fun even when you know what’s in the box.

Eric Luoma | Cactus Flower

Thanksgiving for the Luoma family means waking early to cook their favorite dishes, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in their pajamas, gathering around a festive table for dinner with family, and celebrating all they’re grateful for.

Mike McMahon | North Scottsdale Lifestyle

Thanksgiving in the McMahon family always revolves around fields, football and feasting. A walk around his brothers’ farm fields is followed by a large, loud gathering with as many as 35 revelers. Finally, everybody, save one, roots against the Cowboys!

Frank Schubert | Schubert Insurance & Financial Services

A house full of family and a big roasted turkey is a must for the Schuberts at Thanksgiving. They’re grateful to celebrate together after years of moving around the country for corporations and the quiet holidays that followed.

Andre Lugo | Green Goddess

The entire family comes to their ranch for a Thanksgiving feast of barbecued turkey and ham with all the trimmings. The six grandkids have fun playing baseball and making gingerbread houses while eating all the candy.

Joey Maggiore | The Maggiore Group

Joey and his father, Tomaso, do all the holiday cooking and in exchange, the ladies clean the disaster left in the kitchen. But they take time together to be thankful for family, friends and their love of food.