FineMark Bank DC Ranch Announces Dining Option On-site 5

Bank to Host Daily Lunches, Community Events as Part of their Unique Client Services Model

Fine dining and banking are two words we don’t often hear simultaneously. With modern-day banking vastly done online and via phone, regular interactions between client and associate are somewhat obsolete. This translates to high turnover when choosing a financial institution. FineMark Bank of DC Ranch hopes to change that dynamic, with their new custom dining options on-site. The facility will host meals in an elegant dining room during client meetings, bringing the banking experience to the next level and making a lasting impression on the Scottsdale community.

When FineMark Bank opened its doors in 2007, CEO Joe Catti had an appetite for success that did not align with the style of traditional financial institutions. FineMark’s mission is to provide extraordinary client service, and the addition of full-service dining, complete with executive chefs at three of its 11 locations, means clients will want to do business on-site more often. 

The DC Ranch Scottsdale location marks the bank’s fourth location to offer this unique amenity and gives FineMark the chance to whet the palate of those looking for relationship longevity when choosing a bank.

“Having an on-site chef who operates in a commercial kitchen allows our associates to host lunch meetings daily,” David Dunlevy,  Scottsdale DC Ranch managing executive, says. “The meals are served in our community rooms here at our DC Ranch or Gainey Ranch offices. Menus change often, and clients can choose from a variety of options.”

FineMark will also utilize the chef and the new community room for client cocktail receptions, education presentations and events for outside groups. Dunlevy believes it is an important way FineMark continues to give back, as well as build a strong rapport with the community it serves.

The community room in the new space at DC Ranch will seat up to 50 people for a group presentation. Coupled with the state-of-the-art conference rooms in both the DC Ranch and Gainey Ranch offices, associates can host a wide range of events, large and small. 

While well-appointed, these dining rooms offer an environment that makes clients more apt to come into the bank and discuss financial decisions in a confidential yet comfortable environment. The dining experience allows for a rare personal touch that is crucial in keeping with FineMark’s mission to stand out from others in its industry. And while Dunlevy notes that his location is still in the process of hiring its executive chef, he will begin service by way of local restaurants and catering companies. These partnerships further exemplify the fresh perspective FineMark of DC Ranch strives for in its industry.