What's Your Style?

Fashion: a – a prevailing custom, usage or style; b – (1) – the prevailing style (as in a dress) during a particular time; (2) – a garment in such a style.

We all have (or desire to have) a style. So what’s yours? Are you classic or trendy? Conservative or flashy? I probably lean more towards trendy, but definitely have some classic pieces in my closet. And, now and then, I like a little flash!

Your style says a lot about you. It can signify where you came from, what you do and even bring to light some suppressed parts of your personality that come out only through the way you express yourself through your clothing.

In this, our fashion issue, you’re about to find trendy fall looks and favorite fall beauty finds. Colorwise, red is the rage, but don’t count brown out. Western styles, the always-popular animal print and plaids are in. As is the staple to any wardrobe, a great pair of jeans.

But don’t limit yourself to the way you dress—how about your home? If you’re thinking about an interior update, you can find a perfect solution for your painting project (can you say 3,600-plus colors?) and be well-informed with 10 tips to help you manage home renovation expectations. And then there’s Merit Crossing. Don’t miss that.

Whatever it is you choose to flaunt this season, may the contents of these pages inspire you to stand tall, stay confident and try out some new trends. Walk your own runway!

Here’s to a fabulous September!

Mike McMahon (with Kat’s help!)