Ultimate Man Cave 5

Incognito Luxury Living in the Village of Mountain Shadows

Imagine for a moment returning from a long trip. You haven’t worried about your luxury home because you live in a lock-and-leave community. While waiting on the tarmac, you fire up your hot tub with a touch of a button on your phone. On the way to your Ferrari, you decide it’s warmer out than expected. You grab your phone again to lower your home’s air conditioning, flick on a few lights and turn on your favorite sports channel. In this fantasy, your favorite team is playing. When you arrive, you opt for the one-car garage instead of two. Then you and your Ferrari descend into a glass showcase located in the basement.

The wet bar sure looks inviting right now. Perhaps you should check out what’s available in the glass-exposed wine room. It was a long flight. Still daydreaming?

This man cave is a reality in the Village of Mountain Shadows model home, located in Paradise Valley. Four companies came together with a sole purpose: to showcase the best of what they do. Cullum Homes built it, Candelaria Design Associates designed it, IMI Interior Design decked it out and CCS Presentation Systems did the home automation.

“It is a very open floor plan with a bar in between the entertainment area and the car bar,” says Evelyn Jung, an associate at Candelaria. “One of the most important features is making sure a standard window well has enhanced elements, like water features and detailed designs. The idea is to create a man cave without necessarily feeling like it’s completely underground.”

While a car bar is a brilliant addition, it’s not mandatory for a proper den.

“I think every man cave focuses on uniqueness, quality entertaining space and making sure your friends and family are comfortable. We love hearing that our homeowners never want to leave their house because we designed it perfectly,” Jung says. “It’s truly a joy designing our clients’ homes and many people think we only do very large custom estates. We love doing remodels, additions, basically anything to inspire people to live in their dream home.”

Beauty And Brains

“It’s an undercover luxury home because you’d never guess from the outside that there’s a car in a showcase in the basement,” Travis Ferger, general manager of CCS HOME, says. “Although the home is about 7,500 square feet, from the outside it looks like your average 3,000-square-foot home. It represents a lock-and-leave lifestyle, very low maintenance and a small yard.”

CCS programs all the electronics in the house, including sound systems, lights, shades, security, locks, audio, video and water features, like pool pumps and thermostats, to be accessible from a phone app called Savant. They use commercial-grade products and teach clients how to use them safely.

“One of the biggest changes in our industry is we aren’t audio video people anymore, we are becoming IT guys,” Ferger says. “The wi-fi is the most important thing to any client and a huge focus of what we do.”

Ferger enjoys the personal settings feature of the Savant app. It can save several actions to be performed with a push of a single button. For example, a client might set up a “morning” button, so with one touch of the app the shades will rise, the television turns on and the coffee machine starts percolating.

“You can completely automate your home to help smooth out your daily routine without needing an audiovisual guy every time,” Ferger says.

If pushing buttons on the app is inconvenient, there’s always voice control. Just tell your house what to do.

Dream Come True

You can either imagine the unique design features: the 123-inch projection screen, the huge audio system with theater and surround sound and Lutron lighting, or you can stop by and take the real thing for a test drive. The home, built last year, serves as a meeting place for realtors and clients until it goes up for sale when the community is built out.

“We are always looking for practical and creative ways to design our homes and make them unique,” Jung says.

Also, you never know what treasure you might find in the man cave’s car bar. Today, there are two Ferraris and a custom chopper. Occasionally, Barrett-Jackson displays a vehicle or two.

“Sometimes the cars are worth more than the house,” Ferger says.