A Great Month to be a Guy

As June arrives, we realize we’ve nearly made it through half the year—and wonder how that could be possible! It feels like just yesterday we were writing about New Year’s resolutions and Valentine’s Day gifts. Now, we’re planning for summer—long days and warm nights, grilling, pools and everything else the year’s middle months bring along.

Before we get to that, though, we need to take some time to show off some important people in our lives. Our May issue was all about the influential women in North Scottsdale, so, this month, it’s only fitting that our June issue of North Scottsdale Lifestyle is dedicated to the dudes.

Why is this month so great to be a guy?

For starters, if you’re a dad, you get a full day that’s completely dedicated to you. Kick up your feet, grab a cold drink and enjoy being the center of attention on June 18.

If you’re not a dad, don’t worry—there’s still a lot you can enjoy. Grab a dozen (or two) on June 2 for National Doughnut Day—just don’t forget to hit the gym afterward. Cast a line on June 18 for Go Fishing Day, and clear out your phone’s camera roll for National Selfie Day (everyone’s still all about that, right?) on June 21. Finish off the month with a great breakfast for Waffle Iron Day on June 29.

We’ll all join you to enjoy the first day of summer on June 20.

With a month that’s full of great stuff, the only way it could get better is with this issue of North Scottsdale Lifestyle.

As you flip through these pages, get to know some of our own influential men around town—you might even see someone you know. We know how hard you work and how important you are to the community, so kick back and relax—this one’s for you.

Have a great June, guys. We’ll see you around.

Mike McMahon