Here's to Strong Women

Growing up in the Midwest, the saying went, April showers bring May flowers. It’s not quite the same here in Arizona, but the desert is in full bloom, all signs of growth and rebirth. May also is a reminder of the important women in our lives, those who brought us into the world and those who with whom we continue to grow.  For me, those women are my mom, Rose, and my lovely bride and business partner, Kat.

Anyone who has met my siblings, especially my three brothers and me, would have to say my mom is a saint. With only seven years between the five of us, Mama Rose had her hands full. She played referee, nurse and nun. She kissed booboos, wiped away tears, gave us sage advice and prayed… a lot. I am sure we were largely responsible for her prematurely gray hair.

I was blessed to be in business with my Mom and Dad. Dad gave us our entrepreneurial business sense, but mom gave me my heart. At 87, she continues to give her time to a local food bank, though, she just recently gave her seat up on the board.  And she has never met a stranger, a trait she shares with Kat. Her quick smile and warm personality light up every room she enters.

Today, I am blessed to be working every day with my best friend. She is an amazing mother to two grown boys, who are off crafting their own futures. Like so many moms, she hates the physical distance between them but relishes the precious times when we all get to be together. I know she will be missing them on Mother’s Day.

This issue celebrates several amazing Scottsdale women, one whose passion is raising money to educate children across the country, one amazing connector, another who keeps us fit, and someone who is emigrated to this country and is creating her own American dream.

Those of us who are children and those of us who are husbands should thank the incredible women in our lives, never forgetting to tell them how much they mean to us and how much we love and respect them. So, mom, I love you very much. I can almost hear her respond “Me too, you.”


Mike McMahon