For The Love of Leggings 3

Livia Margulies Shows How to Live The Ultimate Active Lifestyle, and Look Good While Doing It

Livia Margulies grew up on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where movement is a way of life. She walked to the beach, hiked the coast and played in the ocean almost every day. She walked to school, roller-skated for fun and started exercising at the gym when she was 12. People in Rio wear moisture-wicking clothes built for an active, tropical lifestyle. High-quality spandex is a must, yoga pants are the standard and clothes built to last are the norm.

“My love of leggings began there,” Margulies says. “When I moved here I couldn’t find a good pair. I bought the expensive ones and the color faded and the material quickly wore out. So, when friends went to Brazil, I had them bring them to me.”

Today, Margulies calls North Scottsdale home, but still lives an active lifestyle. She’s a busy mom of two 5-year-old twins and a 3-year-old daughter. She also runs a company she started nearly two years ago, Liv Rio Sportswear. All of this and she manages to make time for the gym every day.

This super mom joined forces with her cousin, who’s a talented designer. They talked fabrics, style and manufacturing and created the perfect legging for active women. Her pieces hold up great in the desert and tropics because the fabric is breathable and designed for high heat. They’re also designed for women of all shapes and sizes.

“My persona for my brand is me. A mom who doesn’t have time to go to the gym and change afterwards. Our pants are all-day pants. You can go to the gym, sweat, pick up your child and attend activities afterwards,” Margulies says.

When she’s not in the gym, chasing kids or running her company, she enjoys mentoring female entrepreneurs and encourages stores to buy locally.

“Designers struggle, but there is talent here and the talent doesn’t need to leave Arizona,” Margulies says. “We can all grow together. I have a good brand and have good people to help me.”

Margulies understands what women need and does what she can to give them what they want.

“We need to be strong,” she says. “When our kids don’t sleep, it’s nice to wear clothes that are comfortable. You’re going to feel good, be sexy and power through the day.”

Learn more at, Facebook and Instagram. Liv Rio Sportswear can also be purchased at Heidi Boutique, Carmen Boutique, Voila Boutique, Blush Boutique, Recess Endurance, Moda Forte Boutique and The Biltmore Studio.