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Find The Perfect Engagement Ring at Spence Diamonds

In the three months that Spence Diamonds has been open in the Scottsdale Quarter, the diamond jewelry retailer has already earned a well-deserved reputation for its beautiful selection of engagement rings.

While the stereotypical image of the nervous-yet-excited guy who is shopping for an engagement ring for his girlfriend still takes place at Spence Diamonds, Jason Wong says couples are now the more common customer group.

“In this day and age marriages are more of a group decision, and the customer mix now reflects this,” says Wong, Digital and Marketing Manager at Spence Diamonds.

“Nowadays with both the man and the woman working and contributing equally to a large majority of households this type of trend is not really a surprise for us. We find that couples come in to search for designs, learn more about the product and decide what is best for them as a group.”

Once the couple decides together on the perfect ring, Wong says the man often returns later to buy it.

“Of course you still do get the single man coming into the store looking to surprise his soon to be fiancée, but that group is no longer as dominant as it once was.”

No matter who walks in the door looking for a gorgeous and sparkling engagement ring, Wong says Spence Diamonds offers a wide selection for a variety of tastes and styles.

When thinking about current and popular trends in engagement rings, Wong says customers are moving away from the traditional solitaire styles and are gravitating towards multi-diamond and halo designs.

“People are looking for more unique looks and want to stand out from the pack,” he says, adding that while Spence’s focus has always been on diamonds, within that specialty, they are now seeing some changes to less traditional options.

For example, more couples are looking for a vintage style engagement ring and the use of different materials including rose gold.

“We have also seen more requests for colored yellow/pink and blue diamonds, and with our Artisan Created Diamonds customers can get these colors without breaking the bank,” he says.

As Wong explains, Spence is one of the first diamond retailers in the world to offer Artisan Created Diamonds, or lab grown diamonds, which are made in the United States and are more ecologically sustainable than traditionally mined diamonds.

In addition to offering a wide selection of socially responsible and beautiful diamonds, Wong says Spence Diamonds prides itself on providing each shopper with a positive and fun experience.

“Our sales process is very much all about the shopper. We educate each and every customer on the 4 C’s (carat, clarity, color and cut), and let them decide on the ring and diamond that they want.”

The store features completely open showcases so that customers can try on rings at their leisure, Wong says.

“Spence offers the most unique, fun and engaging in-store experience out there and we believe that this allows for customers to find the right ring to help them celebrate their big day in a way that suits the occasion.”

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