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Mountainscapers Creates Show-Stopping Outdoor Living Spaces

Sean Andersen got his start in the landscaping business as an entrepreneurial 15-year-old, carrying his lawn mower behind him on his bicycle as he rode around Paradise Valley.

After earning a degree in Engineering and Construction from Northern Arizona University, Andersen founded Mountainscapers Landscaping in 1994, in North Phoenix. Every day, Andersen and his crew work with Valley and Flagstaff homeowners to construct amazing, original outdoor spaces that are personalized to fulfill the needs of each client.

“We create vibrant, integrated and beautiful spaces that are not only functional, but are also designed to improve our clients’ social, spiritual, physical and emotional well-being,” Andersen says, adding that he is truly driven by the desire to provide the best possible customer service.

As part of this commitment to service, Andersen is constantly looking for innovative solutions and new technology to provide his clients with the highest quality products to make their yards look truly incredible. He even enjoys inventing new products that will help achieve these goals.

Recently, Andersen was awarded a patent for his latest fountain technology and design. Called The Elemental Fountain, he installed one in his latest residential project, which involved completely transforming the unused outdoor space of a mid-century home.

“The Elemental Fountain is mesmerizing,” Andersen says, adding that it is “a natural balance between water and gravity, and a marriage of two opposing forces: fire and water.”

The massive water flow of 10,000 gallons per hour cascades in a continuous layer of water that looks like a curved sheet of glass encompassing the flame, only without ever extinguishing it.

“Programmable LED lighting causes the water to glow with color, and creates a range of ambiance possibilities, from calm and relaxing to vibrant and high-energy,” he says.

In addition to installing The Elemental Fountain, Andersen and his team created an overall “Comfortable Contemporary” design aesthetic for the recent project.

“We introduced steel as a contrasting element, along with an abundance of natural materials to create a welcoming, spectacular entrance,” he says, adding that the entryway is now flanked by large boulders punctuated with a custom-crafted gabion (steel wire/stone) mailbox.

The front yard was graded to add multiple elevations, and the pathway to the home is now curved with an elevated bridge made of natural-looking, acid-stained concrete with saw cuts for added interest. The once unused area also includes 25 trees, boulders, lush greenery, succulents and flowering shrubs, which Andersen hand-selected to create a micro-climate that will help reduce the intense summer heat. The side of the yard is dedicated to an edible garden, with an artistically-crafted steel gate dividing front and back.

A hand-crafted wood shade structure with steel brackets and trellis was added to cover the extended front patio, creating the perfect private retreat for “front porch visiting,” and a great sanctuary to enjoy the front yard within.

The pool was also completely remodeled, with Andersen and his team scaling it down to a play pool size and resurfacing it with plaster. Andersen’s fountain technology was also used to create a unique pool fountain that encourages human interaction. One can stand in the middle of the fountain and be untouched by the water, except for the circumference. The rush of water creates a sound that energizes you, and the falling water on your shoulders is like a soft, relaxing massage.

In addition, the backyard now features another custom shade structure complete with lighting and ceiling fans, which provide a comfortable place to relax and socialize with friends and family.

While the plants, bridge and other hardscaping features all helped improve the appearance of the outdoor space, The Elemental Fountain is definitely the proverbial show stopper—or in this case, passerby stopper.

“It engages the senses, and it will simultaneously revitalize and relax you,” he says. “From a practical purpose, it provides a dramatic anchor that creates and defines the space, provides movement, warmth, light, stirs curiosity, and leaves a lasting impression. Cars are always stopping in front of the house to stare in wonder.”

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Picture Perfect Paradise

A Quick Glimpse at Mountainscapers Latest Residential Project

Before & After 1

As a result of its stunning transformation, the home now has traffic-stopping curb appeal with its custom artwork and mailbox, mesmerizing fountain and blooming plants.

Before & After 2

An ideal place to relax and enjoy the day, or spend time mingling with friends and neighbors, the front entrance now comes with a shaded, extended patio.

Before & After 3

This whimsical, meandering path leads to unexpected surprises sure to please all those who walk its course.