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City Moms Blog Partners with Food for the Hungry to Nourish Children’s Lives

They say it takes a village to raise a child; and that is certainly true. Motherhood is a tremendously wonderful journey brimming with endless love, laughter, happiness and small but cherished moments that make up a lifetime of precious memories. Yet, at times, this journey can also be confusing, overwhelming and a little bit lonely without a clear guide book to help with all those unexpected situations.

That’s where having a strong system of support and encouragement comes into play, and no one knows the importance of this better than founder of City Moms Blog Network Stephanie Files.

Files launched the Network’s flagship site, Scottsdale Moms Blog, with a good friend back in 2010 with the goal of creating a platform that would help connect local moms with each other through helpful, relevant content that would resonate with their daily lives.

“I feel like motherhood is such a time that so many women feel insecure and helpless,” says Files. “So our goal for the network has always been to be mindful of how we are connecting moms.”

A year into Scottsdale Moms Blog, Files saw the need to connect moms on both a local and national level, so she launched City Moms Blog Network, bringing on their first sister site, Dallas, in 2011, and it has been nothing short of immensely enjoyable and fulfilling since.

“We now currently have 64 sites throughout the nation, and serve about two to four million readers across the U.S. on a monthly basis,” says Files. “We just really love doing what we do in terms of connecting moms locally and nationally, and empowering women to become strong, confident entrepreneurs.”

However, in 2015, Files felt the strings of her heart being pulled in a new direction and began thinking about what more City Moms Blog Network could do to make an impact worldwide. Then, as if by fate, Food for the Hungry approached the Network late last year about potentially partnering together.

“I just couldn’t say no,” says Files. “One of the core values of City Moms Blog network is to inspire, and I felt like through our partnership with Food for the Hungry we would be able to inspire moms outside of their homes and communities to really do something to change the lives of those who have far less than us.”

Next thing Files knew, she, along with three other City Moms Blog Network representatives, was on a plane to Guatemala to experience first-hand the work Food for the Hungry did in other countries. Upon their arrival, the women made a stop at the Food for the Hungry Guatemala office, where Files heard the director say something that changed her whole perspective of the the trip.

“As we were about to leave, the director looked at us and said ‘I would encourage you all to not look at the needs and feel compassion, but rather to see the beauty in it; that God created them to be exactly where they are, and that is beautiful,’” she recalls.

And beautiful it was. While traversing through the villages, Files saw first-hand how a mother’s love for her child transcended all economic, social and cultural boundaries, and how truly connected all mothers were despite their drastically different lifestyles.

“Although these mothers didn’t have the newest baby products that we’re privy to having, they all sat congregated together, talking, laughing and smiling,” she says. “And even though we couldn’t understand them, we guessed that their conversations were probably very similar to our own.”

“Oftentimes we only think about the differences between us, but really, in this journey of motherhood there is just so much more in it that is similar and beautiful, and that was the biggest takeaway for me.”

Bringing It Back Home: 
Scottsdale Moms Blog

Although only Files and three other representatives went to Guatemala, the mission of Food for the Hungry and their child sponsorship program touched the hearts of City Moms Blog members across the country. This included Scottsdale Moms Blog co-owners Jessica Becker and Angela Barako, who, along with City Moms Blog, are working to help sponsor 300 children in Guatemala.

“The reason why we picked this organization to support is, as mothers ourselves, we can really empathize and have a good understanding of what these mothers and children are going through,” says Barako. “So it’s personal in a sense that we can all understand the passion that we have for our children no matter what our economic backgrounds are.”

“And if we have the chance to help, love and support other children and not just our own, why not? Every bit of help that we can give them is life-changing,” adds Becker.

That is what is truly at the heart of both City Moms Blog and Food for the Hungry: enriching the lives of moms and children locally, nationally and internationally; proving that a mother’s love truly knows no boundaries.

For more information on Scottsdale Moms Blog, please visit Scottsdale.CityMomsBlog.com. 
For more information on City Moms Blog, please visit CityMomsBlog.com, and for Food for the Hungry, FH.org.