Chef's Selections 4

Executive Chef David Battersby of Mastro’s Steakhouse, North Scottsdale

8822 East Pinnacle Peak Road, 480.585.9500,

Mastro’s Seafood Tower

It’s just a terrific way to start any dining experience. You can customize it to try the many different seasonal cold seafood items with many different sauces. Everyone in the room loves watching them being served because creating a dramatic presentation is just as enjoyable!

Beef Carpaccio

A nice blend of flavors and texture that really enhances the meat without being too heavy. It is one of those unique items you don’t see as often, and a lot of people have never tried.

Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops

Fantastic to serve as an appetizer, these are always a crowd-pleaser. I also love to serve them alongside a great cut of steak topped with a pour of butter sauce—a kind of Surf & Turf.

Ribeye Steak

My favorite cut, and the one I always recommend to our guests. The steak rub I use gives it a nice crust with just the right amount of seasoning. Nothing beats the look on a guest’s face when they bite into a perfectly cooked ribeye.

Mastro’s Warm Butter Cake

By far, it’s the king of desserts. It always makes people smile!