Pulse of Life 3

Introducing a Fitness Center That Truly Cares

With so many fitness centers in the Valley, finding the one that will help you meet your specific goals can be a real challenge. Many centers provide minimal guidance with little follow-up, so over time, your enthusiasm and commitment to work out decreases and your goals get pushed aside.

Owners Tim and Erin Lyons realized this very thing for themselves when they worked out at a “big box” fitness center. Both are passionate about health and fitness, and recognized what was lacking at these centers. So they decided to create a fitness center that would personalize workouts to meet their clients’ goals and abilities, no matter the age, level of fitness or physical limitations. Their vision became a reality when they opened Pulse Fitness in August, 2009.

Tim, a health enthusiast and former D-1 college and arena football player, explains, “We know that getting into a fitness program can be difficult for many people. We have created an environment of support not only from our Coaching Team, but from our members as well. Everyone is here for the same reason, to become the best version of themselves as possible. That’s what we are all about – We Train the Athlete in YOU!

Getting Fit

Prior to designing a workout program for each client, a full body assessment is done. Since each client has a different body composition with different strengths, abilities and limitations, one training program does not fit all. Pulse Fitness uses the InBody 570 machine, which measures body composition and gives an accurate analysis of data, as a starting point. These machines are typically used in medical clinics and rarely found in fitness centers due to their cost. The assessment takes into account your health, limitations and statistical data, so your training can be personalized to your needs, ability and goals.

After the assessment, the Fitness Coach will review it with you, along with your fitness goals, and design a personalized program adjusting for any limitations. There are two types of fitness plans offered. One is a series of small, personalized training sessions where the ratio is four clients to one coach, each working on their own program. The other is the larger Boot Camp team classes that are designed for clients wanting a more intense cardiovascular workout that focuses on fat loss and metabolic conditioning.

The Fitness Coaches continue to motivate and support each client on their progress, against their individual goals, while the InBody 570 continues to monitor their level of body fat, lean muscle mass and muscular development in tracking their progress.

Other Programs

A Golf Fitness Program is also offered to golfers who want to enhance their performance. Pulse Fitness uses the well-recognized and respected Titleist Performance Institute holistic technique and innovative technology. Tim is a certified Level 3 Expert and uses the TPI training program to assist his golf clients in achieving their golf fitness goals – whether it’s their mobility, strength or rotational power.

Muscle therapy is also emphasized for clients who have tight or sore muscles, or for those wanting to prevent muscle injury. Licensed massage therapists use a combination of far infrared sauna, stretch therapy and massage to help their clients regain strong muscles.

For more information, please visit PulseFitnessAZ.com.