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Live Pain-Free and Enjoy Long-Term Health with Barrow Brain and Spine’s Personalized Rehabilitation and Wellness Programs

September is Pain Awareness Month– a great reminder to resolve those nagging aches and pains or lingering injuries that have interfered with the ability to enjoy an active, pain-free life. The team of highly-seasoned specialists at Barrow Brain and Spine’s Rehabilitation Institute of Scottsdale and NeuroSpine and Rehabilitation Center of Phoenix are helping patients achieve remarkable results.  In fact, with these experts by their side, patients who have tried countless ways to find relief are finally getting the care they need and the results they desire.

Led by Dr. Raj Singh, Barrow’s highly-skilled rehab team includes physicians specializing in physical medicine and pain medicine, as well as physical therapists, dietitians and exercise physiologists, all of whom work collaboratively with each patient to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses the individual’s immediate health issues while also emphasizing long-term vitality with training on proper nutrition and fitness.

“The patients we see range from those who are recovering from a golf injury, to those healing from a spine surgery, to those who simply want to have more energy and enjoy life more by losing weight and eating better,” says  Dr. Raj Singh. “Whatever an individual’s condition or goals may be, we create a step-by-step plan to help them get their health on track.”

Cutting-Edge Pain Management

For those suffering from chronic or acute pain, Barrow’s rehab centers offer life changing non-surgical options for patients with sports injuries and severe, chronic back and neck pain. This multi-faceted approach toward treating a patient may include a combination of physical therapy, injection therapy and medication management.

Barrow’s in-house pain intervention specialist, Dr. Parul Goel, uses cutting edge, image-guided injection therapies—including stem cells—to provide a specific, directed intervention in the treatment of a variety of pain conditions.

“I strongly believe that the key to achieving optimal pain relief and improving quality of life is developing a relationship with each patient. Taking the time to listen and to communicate makes all the difference in providing exceptional medical care,” says Dr. Goel.

Advanced Physical Therapy

Dr.  Gregory L. Umphrey, who specializes in rehabilitation of spine and musculoskeletal problems, including sports injuries, peripheral nerve conditions and interventional directed pain treatments, has a unique perspective on treating Barrow’s rehab patients.

“I was an elite gymnast for many years and I know what it does to your quality of life when you’re on the bench, so to speak.  That’s why my passion is identifying the right solution for a patient’s specific issues so we can get them back in the game as quickly as possible,” says Dr.  Umphrey.

“Personalized physical therapy is so important because it helps to improve spine mechanics and decrease irritation on various structures in the neck and spine by improving mobility, core strength and muscle balance in the regions surrounding the injury or trouble area.”

Long-Term Wellness: A Three-Step Approach

The Barrow team utilizes a proven three-step approach when counseling patients. Patients begin by undergoing a comprehensive health assessment by Dr. Singh and his team in order to create a personalized plan of action and timeline to achieve their goals. Patients then meet with Barrow experts monthly to receive guidance and to stay on track. Finally, upon achieving their wellness “benchmarks,” patients receive ongoing coaching, typically every three to six months.

“Results can often be surprising and enriching in ways patients hadn’t imagined at the start. With our guidance, patients are not only taking steps to recover, but also to prevent injury and disease.  They are enjoying life more than ever,” says Dr. Singh.

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