Modern Marvels 1

Add a Touch of the Twenty-First Century to Your Home with These Elegant Accents

Bold & Brilliant

Brightly-hued finishes add a pop of color to rooms that perfectly complement the geometric lines and neutral color palettes associated with modern architecture.

Barstool Bliss

The clean, curved lines and bright tangerine color of this stunning stool will make an instant impression as soon as you walk into the kitchen. The added height makes it a perfect addition to an elevated bar or table. This is one haute-seat!

Sofa Envy

Set against a background of soft, neutral grays, this vibrant orange couch adds an instant wow factor to rooms, while still maintaining an air of stylish sophistication with sleek lines and a simple design.

Lustrous Luminaries

Aptly named the “Artichoke Chandelier,” this positively radiant fixture brings an element of Art-Deco allure to rooms with its many layers of strategically-placed coverings fanning out in a brilliant display of design.

City Streets

Classic cars and massive skyscrapers painted with vibrant shades of turquois, yellow, red and blue redefine the term bold brush strokes. The painting also adds a wonderful pop of color to otherwise plain walls.

Cozy Up

Adding brightly-colored pillows in different shapes and textures to your room is the perfect way to bring a unique, eclectic touch to the space without overwhelming the eye.

Sleek & Simple

To give a room a clean and uncluttered look, adorn it with accents sporting geometric lines and a neutral palette of sophisticated pastels.


This stylish seat isn’t always what it seems. Turn to one side and it’s a cozy vision in white; turn to the other and it becomes a dark-hued delight. Either way, this two-toned beauty brings both elegance and comfort to the dining room table.

Sweet Sips

Beverages served up in this gorgeous glass are sure to leave guests thirsty for more. The neutral purple-gray hue and curved nature of the cup, finished with a decorative toothpick, make it seem like one is sipping from a work of art.

 Potting Perfection

The clean lines and bold, geometric shapes of these black-and-white vases flow seamlessly in with a modern interior, whether they are adorning coffee tables, sitting on shelves or perched upon windowsills.

Coffee Date

A simple yet elegant coffee table in brilliant white is the perfect finish to any living room set, appearing most vibrant when contrasted with sleek black seating.

Tick-Tock Clock

Effortlessly chic at any time of the day, this classically-styled clock makes for a perfect nightstand fixture with its glass exterior and gold-hued face, creating the perfect good morning.