Celebrate Your Home!

Growing up, it seemed like I was always moving. In fact, by the time I was a senior in high school, I had the art of packing down to a science—that is, if I even bothered to unpack at all. Although I have lived in many houses over the years, 11 to be exact, I will always consider my true home to be an adobe-style two-story in Queen Creek, Arizona. It was the first house that my parents actually owned, and I still remember the day we first saw it. We walked in the simply decorated house to find the owners cooking dinner and their young daughter playing with the dog in the backyard. Shortly after touring the home, we knew we had to make it ours. When we finally closed on the house, my parents’ smiles were so radiant that I thought they would outshine the Arizona sun.

On a hot July day with temperatures boiling past 110-degrees, we moved the last of our old furniture into the home, and thus began the redecorating process. To make the home truly ours, we painted all the walls, added tile downstairs and hand-selected all of our furniture. I remember countless Saturdays making the one-hour trek into town to visit furniture stores and model homes, picking up fun and eclectic finds while spending time together as a family.

During that time, I also learned some valuable lessons about furnishing a home; like never hang a chandelier before you get a dining room table, especially if you are tall, and although hanging real garlic from a pot rack for decoration may look nice, it certainly doesn’t smell so.

When our house was finally finished we were pretty proud of our work, the interior reflecting a cozy Tuscan-meets-desert design. However, for me, it was so much more than that. Every single piece of furniture represented a memory, with the whole house coming together as a story of one of my family’s proudest moments and greatest achievements.

In this issue, we celebrate the stories that homes all over North Scottsdale tell, like a breathtaking Middle Eastern-inspired abode in Desert Highlands, along with expert tips on how to make a small home look bigger, and elegantly modern accents to update your interiors with.

Until Next Month,