A Portrait of Mom 2

Moms, look around your home, at the pictures on your walls. How many of those pictures are of just you? Maybe there are pictures on your walls with you in them, but how long ago were those taken?

Look at the photos on your phone. I’ll bet that you are typically the one behind the camera; that you have dozens of pictures of your husband, children, grandchildren, friends and pets, but very few with you in them.

Somewhere along the line we decided to stay behind the camera. Why? Maybe we don’t like our nose or our smile, and we think these “imperfections” are not worthy of being in photographs.

But know this: you are amazingly beautiful right now, right at this very moment in your life. You are perfect. You are worthy. You are uniquely you and are an important part of this world. Celebrate that!

Your family, children and grandchildren don’t care about those “imperfections.” They love you for everything you are—for the person you are in your soul.

I recently photographed a mom and her daughter. I didn’t know this beforehand, but during the session, the mother told me that she didn’t have any pictures of her and her daughter. A couple of weeks later, when she received her beautiful mother/daughter portraits, she cried.

She posted this to social media: “Today is the day I have a photo with my daughter, instead of being behind the camera. I have always shied away from photos. Always. I have come to realize that I am missing from her tangible life memories, completely. All birthdays, all Christmases, all important events, just because I don’t like to have photographs taken. Today I begin the transition to being in the memories, too.” Now that is a truly beautiful story.

Us moms wear a lot of hats, and sometimes it’s hard to take time for ourselves. We feel guilty for taking time away from our families, or for spending money on ourselves rather than our children. We often forget that when we invest in ourselves, we are doing something for our children too. By existing in photos, we are creating beautiful treasures that will be passed down from generation to generation. One day, photos of you will be amongst your child’s most prized possessions.

We oftentimes forget, with all the hats that we wear, that we are also beautiful, vibrant women who want to celebrate our femininity and reconnect with our womanhood. Every mother wants a few hours to herself, to be pampered, have her hair and makeup done, get dressed up in fancy clothes and be treated like a model—to look at the walls of her home and see them adorned with beautiful portraits that she is proud of. That she exists in.

Karianne Munstedt is a contemporary portrait photographer specializing in portraits for women and those they love. She would be honored to help you exist in photos with your own portrait session. View her portfolio at KLMPhoto.net.