Scottsdale Orthodontic Care 3

Giving Patients Something to Smile About

In his 25-year career as an orthodontist, Dr. Daniel Grob, D.D.S., M.S., has done more than simply provide top-quality care to his many patients.

Grob, who opened Scottsdale Orthodontic Care two years ago after selling his successful orthodontic practice of over two decades in Tucson, is also devoted to changing the way people think about going to the orthodontist.

“I was on a mission to change the perception of patients, who often think going to the orthodontist means getting this gadget or that gadget,” he says, adding that he likes to refer to Scottsdale Orthodontic Care as a primary care orthodontic practice.

“I’m trying to offer a different kind of orthodontic experience that’s not just about braces,” says Grob.

For example, he works with younger kids on habit correction, like thumb sucking and nail biting, as well as medical and dental issues that affect their facial development and smile.

“We use braces and aligners when appropriate on teenagers, as well as work with dentists to create the best smile with adults,” he says.

Although teenagers make up the bulk of his business, Grob says he and his staff work with patients from ages 6 to 60.

Grob also believes in having kids evaluated early—not so he can put braces on them, but so he can check them for potential long-term problems that can be more readily addressed when young.

“About 20 percent of kids ages six to nine get braces, but in many cases we can put orthodontic care on hold. Kids will come into the office and be evaluated, then are told to come back in one to three years. It is amazing the number of potential problems we discover at this age that require no appliances or braces.”

Patients who need braces have a variety of options to choose from at Scottsdale Orthodontic Care, which offers everything from traditional metal braces to Invisalign and very clear cosmetic braces. Unlike some other practices that recommend removing teeth, Grob says he prefers a much more conservative approach.

Another way Scottsdale Orthodontic Care stands apart from the competition is by staying on top of the most current treatments, including digital X-rays, photography and scanning; smaller and more comfortable appliances; stronger, gentler wires that will last longer between visits and no headgear.

Grob is also very proud of his skilled and friendly staff, some of whom have worked with him for 20 years. A couple even moved up from Tucson to Scottsdale, which he saw as a wonderful compliment.

Grob also gives back to the community as founder of the Annual Smiles for Charity Event Program. So far, Scottsdale Orthodontic Care has raised over $25,000 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley School Districts, sports leagues, charter schools and more.

“We also offer incentives to our patients through our Family Smile Programs,” he says.

Grob, who has taught at Marquette University as well as community college, and was President of a Dental Society for 15 years, likes to stay up-to-date with the latest orthodontic trends through his work as Editorial Director of Orthotown Magazine.

But what he really enjoys is successfully transforming a person’s face and smile.

“I love the way orthodontics is the creation of something. I’m kind of like a tinkerer, and creating a smile within a person’s face is kind of like being an artist.”

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