Paradise Valley Florist 5

A Family-Owned Business Spreads Happiness To Others With Flowers And Kindness

Suki Jandu, the owner of Paradise Valley Florist, makes stunning arrangements for her clients. She adds a memorable touch to their events, brightens up their homes or sends a touch of love in a bouquet. She’s magic with flowers and finds delight in making people happy. There’s one client in Scottsdale who is particularly grateful for Jandu’s service, compassion and creativity.

Jandu has been donating floral arrangements to Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship’s fundraising events since 2010. While she’s been approached by many worthy causes, and occasionally helps out a few, Camelot is the one program she helps out consistently.

“I initially agreed to provide floral arrangements as a one-off, I find it difficult to decide how I feel about an organization and what they provide, by a snap shot decision. I looked into what Camelot did for the community and how they have helped so many regain independence and self-worth, and they just make people plain happy. This is a very big factor for me,” says Jandu.

“I attended their yearly spring fundraiser, Hooves and Heroes, and had the opportunity to listen to people talk about Camelot. I spoke to those in the community that have benefited from their programs, and they won me over hook, line and sinker. I feel privileged to be part of something in such a small way that helps contribute to many lives in such a big way.”

Camelot is a nonprofit organization that teaches horsemanship to children and adults who have physical disabilities. They provide all services at no charge and depend solely on the generosity of the community. They have two main fundraisers each year, Starry Knights, a fancy fall evening event, and Hooves and Heroes, a family fun Derby Day that takes place on May 2nd.

“It’s not just the financial component of Suki’s donation that makes her contribution so special,” says Mary Hadsall, executive director of Camelot. “She designs each arrangement based on our needs, takes the time to build them herself and often delivers them to our fundraisers and sets them up. What she does for us is a mission of love.”

Jandu likes to get hands-on with the events when her schedule allows. At one Hooves & Heroes, she hosted a booth and helped kids decorate their own derby hat with flowers, ribbons, sparkles and other embellishments she donated. She even brought her son to help because she feels strongly about teaching her children the value of giving.

“My mother is my true inspiration in giving back. She's helped so many in different ways, and taught us to see, understand and help others in ways most would just not bother. My eldest son, Arnav, is now six, and little man Saaven is two, and both love being at the store and 'helping.' Arnav always enjoys coming along to events and the hat table was so much fun for him,” says Jandu.

Paradise Valley Florist was established in 1977 and has always been a family owned and operated business. Jandu and her husband purchased the business from its founders in 2009. Originally, she was a wedding planner in London.

“There is nothing like the buzz around a wedding. It of course is stressful, but the reward of a hard day’s work, when you make someone’s dreams come true, feels amazing every single time. But the transition from doing just events, to putting a smile on someone’s face every day, was an easy one,” says Jandu. “We were fortunate enough that the business has grown with us and our family. I'm a proud mother of my two boys, and the youngest one loves to create magic with flowers already.”

Jandu works about 45 hours a week, on the exception of holidays and events. She teases that on those weeks it would be easier for her to count the hours she spends at home. In addition to the flowers, the beauty of her business is that her family is often by her side.

“Giving back to the community is something everyone should do, whether it be in the form of finance or time; that part is irrelevant. It's about giving, and doing what you can to create a better environment, life experiences for others and childhood for our children. We are molding them into the future adults of the world and I want them to understand that they have the ability to not only be a part of a community, but to help build a better one,” says Jandu. “I'm a true believer of positive thinking and bringing happiness to others, in the hope that they will also do the same, in turn, for someone else.”

Jandu encourages everyone to do what they can for their community and feels a great sense of self-worth when helping a great cause.

“No one knows when the tables may turn and we’ll need our community to help us. This is what nonprofit organizations do, they serve a need. They are already doing great things and all we have to do is make a little effort to make sure they are able to continue to serve their cause,” says Jandu. “It's a power we all have and should not waste. It's our neighborhood, we all should take the time to find a great cause that we can help.”

Learn more about Paradise Valley Florist at Come visit Camelot during their 14th Annual Hooves & Heroes Fundraiser & Open House on Saturday, May 2, 2015, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free and the event takes place at their unique wheelchair-accessible ranch located at 6250 E. Jomax Rd. in Scottsdale. Learn more at