Dream gown? Check. Persnickety florist? Check. Top-notch wedding planner? Check.

Unexpected glitches? Check-Check-Check.

I have attended and participated in many different weddings across the country. Every blessed event had one thing in common: some sort of unforeseen mishap. Amazingly, not one involved a wacky uncle + booze.

To all future brides and grooms, “zillas” included, the only thing I can advise is to roll with the fiasco. With every marriage, your sense of humor is necessary icing on the multi-tiered cake. You may as well start laughing on day one.

Here are some true-life wedding blunders from my own experiences…

Years ago, a dear friend invited me to be her maid of honor. We lived in different cities. When I arrived days before the wedding, we noticed my pink taffeta frock endured travel wrinkles – despite my direct flight, oversized garment bag and careful packing. “No problem,” said the giggly bride, “I’ll have my dry cleaner press it!”

The morning of the Sunday wedding, my friend realized she forgot to pick up the dress the evening before. The dry-cleaner was closed with the maid of honor’s gown locked inside! Luckily, her groom and his buddy were freshly-minted journalists. They quickly employed their investigative skills, tracked down the owner’s home number (via the fire department) and met the grumpy bed-headed man at the shop.

Hours later, I began my promenade down the aisle. It was an outdoor wedding. The sky was blue. My gown was as smooth as a rose petal. The guests had no idea what had happened! But they did notice when the heel of my left shoe got stuck between the garden bricks. Good times.

Then there was the wedding of some friends in the broadcast industry. The bride had asked a talented videographer to tape her big day. He agreed, but privately grumbled to me her wedding was scheduled the same time his beloved football team was playing. He had never missed a game in his life. Ever!

The videographer found a creative solution. Just before the wedding, he showed me the transistor radio in his suit pocket. The ear bud wires looked like video equipment. He was all grins until the church’s sound system somehow picked up the game’s frequency during the vows. Fumble!

At my own wedding, my newly-minted brother-in-law “decorated” our getaway car with some beyond-PG-13 innuendos. No. “Innuendos” is too soft of a description for what was scrawled across the windshield.

But I gave him a pass, probably due to what happened at his wedding a few years earlier.

My future husband and I were a new item. I was keeping a low profile as “the girlfriend.” Shyness and some bad static cling will do that. So when it came time for the bride to toss the bouquet, I hid in the back of the room. Way back. Her throw was so wild, it surpassed the anxious “single ladies” in the front, went through the chandelier and literally fell into my arms.

Sometimes, even the flubs can lead to wonderful things.